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The soap opera is not over! Barcelona sees Neymar as the number one target

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Catalan giant Barcelona is eager to bring 27-year-old Paris forward Neymar back to Camp Nou. Barcelona is currently focusing on drafting a new contract offer for Neymar, and is determined to resume the transfer of the former Barcelona player next summer and launch a new round of offensive against Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar's transfer was like a lengthy soap opera. Barcelona this summer has proposed to Paris a number of transfer plans, including the 170 million gadenbele and Rakitic offer, but were rejected by the Paris side. Although the Brazilian has expressed to the club the determination to leave the team, but ultimately failed.

Although Neymar's transfer farce has made many Paris fans angry and dissatisfied with it, this does not seem to affect the status of the Paris striker. After returning from injury this season, Neymar still played a world-class performance, which further strengthened Barcelona's determination to bring Neymar back to Camp Nou. According to insiders in Barcelona, Barcelona has now re-designated the Brazilian as the number one target for the summer window.

In the summer of this year, although Barcelona was also involved in Neymar's transfer operation, he did not have such firm confidence now. Former Atletico striker Griezmann and Ajax midfielder Frankie De Jong are Barcelona's main goals. But by the summer window next year, Barcelona will give priority to Brazilians' "go home".

The Brazilian superstar came to the River Seine in 2017 with a sky-high transfer fee of 222 million euros, with a weekly salary of 705,000 euros. Paris Saint-Germain regards Neymar as the core of the team and hopes to be crowned the Champions League under his leadership. However, contrary to expectations, Greater Paris has not yet entered the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, and the Brazilians seem to be disheartened by the crowning of the UEFA Champions League in Paris.

This summer, Paris has stated that if a club wants to take Neymar away, its transfer fee cannot be less than 222 million euros. Now Neymar is in excellent form, and the team has once again advanced to the Champions League knockout. Although the Brazilian will reach the age of 28 in 2020, the contract with Paris will have only one year left. But if the Brazilians can still maintain an excellent state and lead the team to make a breakthrough in the Champions League, the price of Paris on Neymar will not be less than 222 million, or even higher. At present, Barcelona has started to prepare funds for this astronomical figure, half of which will come from the current players in the selling team.

Neymar played for Camp Nou from 2013 to 2017, and with Messi and Suarez formed the "MSN" front-line trident that made Europe dreaded. In the 186 pizza appearances for Barcelona, the Brazilian superstar scored 105 goals and won two La Liga trophies and a Champions League trophy with the team.

Although in Paris, Neymar and Mbappe, Icardi and Cavani also formed a horrible attack combination, but Messi's call still made Neymar feel like an arrow. The Argentine hopes that this former champion can return to Nou, and Pu helps himself to attack his fourth Champions League trophy.

If all goes well, Messi will be very happy and will likely renew his contract with Barcelona, so Neymar's transfer will have the effect of killing two birds with one stone. This is another reason why the giants of Cathay are so determined.

Neymar's transfer will also have a ripple effect on Greater Paris. Real Madrid has seen Mbappe, another striker in Paris, as a potential target, and Mbappe seems to have passed Zidane's willingness to join. But Mbappe's transfer will be very difficult, after all, losing two core players one summer will be a disastrous blow to the Ligue 1 giants.

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