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Tobacco control, alcohol reduction, salt reduction, oil reduction, sugar reduction, and improvement of marriage inspection coverage ... 26 actions in Zhejiang to care for your most concerned things

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Published by Zhejiang

Recently, Zhejiang issued the "Implementation Opinions of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government on Promoting Healthy Zhejiang Action", which proposed 26 action tasks including reasonable diet, tobacco control and alcohol restriction. It is planned that by 2022, the health promotion system will be basically completed, and residents' health literacy will be significantly improved. ; By 2030, the main health indicators of residents rank first in high-income countries. Learn more with Xiaobu ~

The Opinions define the following general objectives:

By 2022

The health promotion system has been basically established, the residents' health literacy has been significantly improved, the healthy lifestyle has been basically popularized, and the rising trend of major chronic diseases has been effectively curbed. Key communicable diseases, severe mental disorders, endemic diseases, and occupational diseases have been effectively prevented and controlled, and disabled and killed. The risk is gradually reduced, and the main health indicators of residents have reached the level of high-income countries.

By 2030

The health promotion system is more complete, the residents ’health literacy level has been greatly improved, the healthy lifestyle is universal, the health protection is fair and sustainable, the main health influencing factors of residents are effectively controlled, and the premature mortality caused by major chronic diseases tends to be lower. The main health indicators of residents rank first in high-income countries.

The Opinions set out a total of 26 specific action tasks in six areas: comprehensive implementation of health impact factor interventions, continuous improvement of the healthy environment, maintenance of life-cycle health, prevention and control of major diseases, strengthening of medical service guarantees, and development of the health industry.

Twenty-six action tasks involve food, medicine, transportation and other aspects, and have been paid much attention in recent years ~

Equipped with a nutritionist or nutrition instructor in a child care institution, school, nursing home, or hospital

Community medical and health institutions should strengthen nutrition health monitoring and nutrition diet guidance. Encourage the whole society to participate in salt, oil and sugar reduction, and guide residents to reduce consumption of high-salt, high-sugar and high-fat foods.

Expanding the opening of public sports facilities

Improve the fitness facilities for the whole people, promote the construction of sports facilities, expand the opening and utilization of sports facilities such as public stadiums and school sports venues, and create a "15-minute fitness circle" around the masses.

Tobacco control

To regulate tobacco promotion and sponsorship in accordance with law, and prohibit the sale of tobacco products and alcohol products to minors. Completely ban smoking in indoor public places, indoor workplaces, and public transport, and party and government agencies at all levels have become smoke-free.

Improve healthy environment

Make every effort to win the battle against pollution prevention, such as treating gas, water, soil and waste, and improve the overall environmental quality.

Fully implement the action plan for the construction of large gardens, build national parks, beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful urban and rural areas, beautiful rivers and lakes, etc .; improve the waste classification system and basically achieve full coverage of urban and rural domestic waste classification and treatment; deepen the "toilet revolution" and accelerate rural household use Restoration of toilets.

Improve coverage of pre-marital pre-pregnancy tests, etc.

Improve coverage of pre-marital pre-pregnancy inspections, prenatal screenings, and newborn disease screenings. Promote breastfeeding and establish a care system for infants and young children under 3 years of age. Prevent common diseases of women such as breast disease and cervical cancer, and deepen women's "two cancers" screening.

Maintain the health of primary and secondary school students

Mobilize families, schools and society to jointly safeguard the physical and mental health of primary and secondary school students. Guide students to develop healthy living habits from childhood, strengthen prevention and control of myopia, dental caries, obesity, etc. The overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in the province strives to reduce more than 1 percentage point each year. Elementary and junior high schools are equipped with sufficient school doctors and open sports and health courses. Incorporate students' physical and health status into school performance assessments, and include physical education in the high school test.

Promote elderly health

Strengthening screening interventions, health guidance, and mental health prevention and care services for the elderly in common, chronic and dementia. Optimize the allocation of medical and health resources for the elderly, and accelerate the construction of medical institutions such as elderly hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, and nursing care facilities. Promote the integrated development of medical and health care and old-age care services, and strengthen the construction of community-based home care service institutions, places and related service teams.

Prevent and control major diseases

Fully implement the blood pressure measurement system for the first diagnosis of people over 35 years old, standardize the hierarchical management of patients with hypertension and diabetes, and carry out community management of patients with dyslipidemia.

Promote early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of key cancers, and orderly expand the scope of cancer screening. Improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the medical insurance catalogue, include eligible anticancer drugs into the medical insurance catalogue according to regulations, improve the critical illness protection and social assistance system, and reduce the burden of medical treatment for cancer patients.

Explore the routine physical examination of lung function in people over 40 years old, and implement the annual first diagnosis of lung function in high-risk groups.

Maintain a high level of the population's immune barrier, and immunization programmes for school-age children remain above 90%.

Increase medical insurance for chronic diseases in urban and rural residents

Twelve common chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and tuberculosis are included in the urban and rural residents' outpatient prescribed disease or chronic disease protection scope. Medical institutions are encouraged to provide out-of-order prescription services, and insured personnel can purchase prescribed disease medicines at designated pharmacies and open medical insurance card payment.

Create a "30-minute service circle" for medical insurance agencies

Promote the collection of medical details and electronic invoices at the medical institutions in remote provinces and designated medical institutions at their own expense to the province's remote medical treatment platform, and achieve sporadic expense reimbursement “online management” and “zero errands”. Create a "30-minute service circle" for the medical insurance agency, and push forward the function of some medical insurance agency windows.

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