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Five stars who have never played bad movies in the entertainment industry, only one person in China is on the list, and it is still controversial

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There have been many famous stars in this world, but the stars who can make good movies are very limited. Today we will talk about the five stars who will never make bad movies in this world. China also has only Does this one have the one in your heart?

1. Amir Khan is known as the national treasure of India, not only because of his skillful movie shooting skills, but also the thoughts he wants to express, and because of his thoughts and movies, he has saved many people. The content of "Three Stupid Trouble Bollywood" is very educational, and every film made by Amir Khan is a boutique. "My God! "Satirical Indian religion," Wrestling! "Daddy" boldly and ironically dissects India's over-feudal ideology and patriarchal society.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, the name of the little plum is absolutely unknown, no need to say anything to him, look at the movies he plays, you will know why this person has never been bad Now, which of the "Titanic", "Romeo and Juliet", "Getaway", "Dream of Dreams", "The Great Gatsby", "Wolf of Wall Street", "Wild Hunter" are not of high quality Movies, although not many films made by Li Zizi's life, but each one is a boutique.

3. Helena Bonham Carter is Bella in "Harry Potter." I may not know her name by many people, and she does not make much more movies than others. But every character in each of his movies is suitable for her, and it feels tailored for her. "Non-Powerful Aphrodisiac", "Hairdresser Todd", "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", "Alice in Wonderland" Because Helena knows herself very well, every role she shoots becomes a classic.

4. Natalie Portman, everyone must have watched "This killer is not too cold", this is Natalie Portman's first movie, after that she started her spoilt film acting In her early career, she participated in many science fiction movies, such as "Star Wars" is a very classic science fiction movie, "V-Vendetta" starring in 2005, won the 33rd Saturn Award for Best Actress. In 2009, he won the best actress of the 83rd Academy Awards with the film "Black Swan", and won almost every year thereafter.

5. Zhou Xingchi was once known as a master of comedy in the East. Especially after he started to be a director, his movie lived in everyone's heart. Moreover, Xingye has a very postmodern consciousness. His world is not everyone. All understand, so even when "Journey to the West" was first released, many people said that it was a bad movie, but after decades, everyone suddenly understood what the movie wanted to express, so many people held mixed opinions about Zhou Xingchi. attitude. There are still many people like Leslie Cheung who are considered actors in China who have never made bad movies.

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