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[Visit hundreds of streets and alleys] Yue Hongju, Heilongjiang Nonferrous Geology Team 701: Struggle is the most beautiful background of youth

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Tohoku.com December 25 (Sun Jiayan Wu Zhiqiang reporter Huo Hanhan) "Facing the future, my heart is like a rock. I am willing to follow the footsteps of the older generation of geologists and make due contributions to the geological cause I love." 32 The eight-year-old Yue Hongju has been working for eight years, and has gradually grown from a front-line geotechnical staff to the director of the project department and the vice president of the Exploration Institute. In September this year, he became the only geologist in Heilongjiang Province who won the 17th Youth Geological Science and Technology Award.

In 2015, the provincial government initiated three-year special work. The 701 team firmly grasped this favorable opportunity, scientifically set up the project, and took the initiative to attack. Yue Hongju seized this significant opportunity, taking key mineralization belts and mineralized concentrated areas as a breakthrough, and preferentially selected superior mineral prospecting prospects and national and provincial urgently needed advantageous minerals. He verified by multiple analogies and extracted effective mineralization prediction signs. He applied for Of the five projects were all approved.

He led the team to work overtime, Pingxingdaiyue. When implementing the mine adjustment project, due to the short construction period and heavy workload, in order to complete the task as scheduled, he and his brothers often went up the mountain at 5 am and only came down at 7 or 8 pm. Sometimes they only go down the mountain at 2 in the morning and work an average of fourteen to five hours a day. When the Sun Wu County Happy Forest Farm project was implemented, they simply carried simple camping equipment and lived wherever they worked because of the long air travel.

With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection, the concept of green survey is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In response to the lack of operability of the green survey at that time, he actively researched new technologies and methods of green surveys, actively researched and improved prospecting methods, methods, equipment and processes, and implemented environmental control to minimize the entire process of geological surveys. Win-win environmental protection.

Since participating in the work, Yue Hongju has presided over 13 geological exploration projects, including 1 mine survey, 2 prospect surveys, 4 general surveys, 4 detailed surveys, 1 exploration, and 1 scientific research. The total amount of three-year special projects undertaken Nearly 34 million yuan. Participated in one completed census project, detailed investigation of one project. A total of 3 large and super-large deposits, 7 small and medium-sized deposits, and 9 ore spots were found. Create potential economic value of more than 100 billion yuan. In September 2019, won the 17th Young Geological Science and Technology Award of China Geological Society-Silver Hammer Award.

In the face of the results achieved over the years, he said, "I am a lucky man. Every achievement cannot be separated from the environment of the period of opportunity for favorable development and the window of great achievements that the country has given us. I also have the hard work of our team day and night and the hard work of the leadership. I am grateful for this. "

For many years, Yue Hongju devoted himself to the geological cause he loved. Facing the future, he stated that he would like to set his heart on the ground, move forward hard, follow the footsteps of his ancestors, and follow the dream of the newcomers in order to achieve the "two one "Hundred years" goal, go forward bravely, and make great achievements.

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