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Those who have an open life are engraved with the words "self-discipline" behind them

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Sometimes it's easy to give up, but it's hard to persevere.

Looking back, the darkness before dawn was also beautiful.

Coming in 2020

Just try harder and hold on for a while ~

Merry Christmas

Some time ago, CCTV exposed the daily schedule of a Tsinghua Xueba, and immediately rushed to the hot search # 青 华学生 的 表表 #.

This schedule is an exhibit from the Tsinghua University History Museum's "Tsinghua University Excellent Study Style Archives Historical Materials Exhibition" from an undergraduate.

In this schedule, he densely writes about his daily learning process: go to bed at 1 am, get up at 6 am, and start learning at 6:40. In addition to completing regular courses every day, it also includes charging twice a week for lectures, learning two foreign languages, and fixed exercise hours.

Even from 9 pm to 1 am, everything was arranged.

According to people familiar with the matter, the Xueba came from a backward region and was a municipal college entrance examination champion, but his family was very ordinary.

When he first came to Tsinghua, he was in a tense economy. He ate only two steamed buns for a meal, and was joked by his classmates.

However, after coming to Tsinghua, with hard work and tenacity, he won the first-class scholarship for 4 years, and his score remained in the top three in the hospital. Before graduation, he was hired by a central enterprise with special talents in advance and became a reserve cadre.

You see, those people whose lives are like hangs are engraved with the words "self-discipline" behind them.

The famous Japanese designer Yoshimoto Yamamoto said: "I never believe in lazy freedom. The freedom I long for is to achieve a wider life through hard work and hard work. That kind of freedom is precious and valuable; I believe The 10,000-hour rule, I never believed in the inspiration of the pie falling from the sky and the achievement of waiting. To be a free and self-disciplined person, live by the determination that is bound to be realized. "

Behind every successful person is bound to exhaust a lot of hard work and sweat. They work day and night for their professional efforts and build a process from zero to one in order to gain extraordinary skills.

Therefore, the self-disciplined person has the early morning, welcomes the rising sun, owns the starry night, and meets the dream.

Nowadays, the phrase "the more self-discipline, the more open and hanging" is very popular. The failure to open or close is the result. In fact, the process of self-discipline is very cool.

You have self-discipline on your lips, so you have a good body and good temperament. You are self-disciplined in spiritual cultivation and self-disciplined in many aspects. Pleasure.

There is a self who speaks and believes in the body. It is your original motivation to shine and shine, and it is the customs of your walk in the world. Your self-discipline and every effort you make will be returned to you in the most beautiful form in the near future.

So, let's start from today, live a good life, take yourself seriously, be a self-disciplined person, meet yourself better, and greet a better life!

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2019 Week 309

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